Staff Application for The Front

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Staff Application for The Front

Post by Tides on Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:59 pm

STAFF APPLICATION FOR THE FRONT, We expect alot when writing out the application so Please be specific when typing and make sure to write alot!

Use This as a template for your application, If any applications is different from this one Automatic deny.


Age -

Timezone -

How Long have you been on this server (Tell the truth) -

Why makes you think that you can become staff?

What times are you usually on?

Have you ever had any punishments? Be honest. - (if you lie you will automatically denied)

How many hours can you contribute per day on average? (Tell The Truth)-

Do you use the teamspeak or Skype and have a microphone? - (if you don't have any of these things get them or you will not have a chance for staff)

What is your previous experience with server moderation? - (don't lie or you will be automatically denied)

anything else we should know -


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